The Walkmen with Beach House. The Fonda. January 20, 2009.

Obamicans were out in full force tonight at the Fonda on this monumental Presidential Inauguration Day. Baltimore band Beach House opened. Victoria Legrand (niece of French film composer Michel Legrand) hidden behind her touselled, long hair, sang in echoes. She is timid and apologetic: "I'll be off soon, this is my last song and then the Walkmen." She was like an insecure teenager, dressed in high-waisted overalls and a t-shirt, but had a hint of bling on her index finger, paying homage to Beach House's 1st album cover decore of a treasure chest with pearls, sequins and keepsakes. Our favorite song was "Gila" and the crowd pleaser was her closing with "Heart of Chambers."

On the break we go outside to peruse the crowd and jot down notes. We spot a couple with their sleeping newborn, sporting huge sound-cancelling headphones on his tiny head. Every other person is getting in a good use with their Obama t-shirts.

The Walkmen set starts with a line of brass players (the band has become accustomed to posting Craiglsist ads in each city for the players and introduces them before they sound off). Crowd pleaser was "In The New Year" which began with a shout out to our new President Elect. Everyone chanted "It's gonna be a good year" along with the band and that addictive guitar lick.

Beach House

Lead singer Hamilton Leithauserr channels Chris Martin's new image of "Viva La Vida" (picture the Captain Morgan stance) as he plays.

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  1. yay Obamicans! sounds like an awesome concert!