The audience was amped up - like a flock of vampire victims under the influence of a maenad! And no, not because the opening band had a drummer who wore loose, grey sweatpants where you could see his junk whirling around. Maybe because some caught the noon show at Third Man Records pop-up store at the Regent Theatre. Either way, no matter how many times one sees Jack White, Allison Mosshart, Dean Fertita and Jack Lawrence on stage, their addiction worsens...

First time at The Mayan; the venue looks like the set of Nickolodeon's "Legends of the Hidden Temple." We parked upstairs behind the sound booth for the best view, then headed to the floor for the 3-song encore where Jack White proposed, "Is music in L.A. alive and well? Or are you just EMI employees and shit?" A little bit of both...

Our first time seeing The Dead Weather was a couple months ago at The Roxy. This show amped up the lighting and heavy guitar, even some dramatic acting on behalf of Jack and Allison who violently shoved one another and were egged on by the crowd to kiss, right before their sultry duet of "Will There Be Enough Water."

The humble ending to this hot-ass rock & roll show was when the band joins hands and thanks the audience. We appreciate musicians who are also humble.

One day I will take the band down as my screen saver, but not any time soon.

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