Clues with Black Cheeto. February 26, 2009. Spaceland.

I usually need earplugs to enjoy the shows at Spaceland. It is loud. I know, I sound like a grandma.

However, for a "one time only show," Black Cheeto was awarded a totally silent and attentive audience (a rare occurrence in LA). Black Cheeto is comprised of: Charlyne Yi (of the "stoner girl" in Knocked Up fame, but more importantly a talented comic and musician...and girlfriend of Michael Cera), Ryan Kattner (or Honus Honus) from Man Man and 3 unknowns (as far as we know): Jess, Dave Horwitz and Mary Forrest. Charlyne posted this on her MySpace blog regarding the show:

It's scary 'cause it's our first and last show as a band haha..... Our debut and farewell performance (we only got together to play this show. And one of the guys doesn't live in LA).

The show was obviously thrown together (Charlyne fumbled with most of the lyrics and there were other minor slip ups), but they proved to be most entertaining. Charlyne was goofy on stage and was not afraid to talk back to the audience. She played the guitar, harp and fake cardboard-cutout-trumpet. Her singing was not impressive, but her nerdy presence was endearing. The lyrics were unique. These are a few that caught our attention:

"Step your heart up/Stitch the holes up"

" Why you gotta be so mean? Is it because you have little creatures' hopes buried in your nose?"

"Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow..."

Other than the sheer entertainment and light-heartiness of Black Cheeto's performance, Ryan was the savior of the night. At the end of one song, Charlyne had a look of shock on her face and spat out: "That's exactly how it was suppose to end!"

When the Clues took the stage, the crowd (which was mainly comprised of dudes) was ready for them. By the 3rd song, the crowd was rocking - maybe the dual drum sets helped set the mood. The Clues are made up of Alden Penner (Unicorns), Brendan Reed (Arcade Fire) and additional Montreal musicians: Ben Borden, Lisa Gamble and Nick Scribner. Throughout the show, they traded up instruments and kept the enthusiasm up, even though they barely acknowledged the crowd.

It was clear that Alden brought the lyric style to the group while Brendan's use of instruments could not help but invoke Arcade Fire. Our expectations for this show were high and the band did not quite measure up. I guess we cannot judge too much having only listened to one song prior to the show. Take a listen:

Charlyne Yi

Ryan Kattner

Charlyne rockin' the harp


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  1. Did you shout out to Charlyne how much we "loved" Paper Hearts?