Ladyhawke. Troubadour. March 17, 2009.

Walking into Ladyhawke's Troubadour show felt like a taping of The L Word if it were set in an 80's flashback: plenty of same sex make-out action, dance moves like "the weight lifter," cut-off leather gloves to accentuate hand-dancing, neon shapes lighting the projector screen, and celeb sightings like C.C. Deville from Poison...alas no Jennifer Beals reliving her Flashdance days. It was an appropriate crowd tribute to a band named after the 1985 Michelle Pfeiffer film.

I am neither cool nor gay enough to be there.

Pip Brown, a Kiwi with a jammin' voice, hid behind her feathery blonde bangs as she strummed the guitar and twiddled the synthesizer.

I loved chanting "bang, bang, bang, on the drum" during Dusk Til Dawn, felt seriously sexy during Magic and joined the dance crowd when she ended with My Delirium. please enjoy a dance break from our sponsor:

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