Alexi Murdoch. El Rey. April 8, 2009.

The outside of the El Rey looks like a ghost town as we approach. There is no line of concert-goers waiting outside. No one hanging out at the restaurant patio (which, btw, has changed once again. This time to Indian-Tex Mex cuisine. The menu looks quite tasty). The upstairs is closed. No line at the bar. WTF, mate?

We missed the opening act, The Portland Cello Project...but decided we didn't miss out on much when we asked our friends how they were and they responded with a shrug.

It was a very quiet crowd. When Alexi took the stage with his band, the crowd swaying began. Needless to say, it was a sleepy show. Alexi is a poor man's Nick Drake with a side of Bert Jansch. We admire his recent 2 year stint in the Himalayas, but his music doesn't bring much flare to our iPods. There are uber fans of Alexi, but we don't think he is anything to flip over. We laughed at the serious followers chanting "my salvation is in your love" in between making out with their lovers.

Once we left the venue, a usually very opinionated Jackson said nothing until we got home, then spat out, "That was so fucking boring." He thinks if you're gonna see a show live like that, you may as well spend money on Iron & Wine or Califone. Or as Angelic would prefer, be a seated show.

We did have time to draw a penis, drink a few drinks (the non existent line at the bar worked to our advantage) and make friends with the rowdy couple chanting "sing Orange Sky!" Or as we like to call it, "Pinky-Orange Moon-Sky."

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