Blind Pilot. Spaceland. April 11, 2009.

Things looked grim when we underestimated the popularity of Blind Pilot. We arrived at Spaceland still in need of tickets and not anticipating it to sell out. We waited with about 50 others, eating Bugles and Almond Joys that were purchased in an effort to get cash back for a cab. We resorted to "Bear, Hunter, Ninja" to see who deserved two of the four tickets we had - a Russian Roulette of concert-going, if you will. If all of us couldn't get in, two at least needed to enjoy the show.

Low and behold! Success arrived as the Spaceland doors opened for the hopefuls outside, just in time to see Blind Pilot's second song of the night.

Blind Pilot is Israel Nebeker and Ryan Borbrowski. The longtime friends formed the band in Portland. They began to make a name for themselves by cycling down the west coast and playing in small towns along the way. As their website ( states:

They hauled everything on their bikes. No gas. 100% leg powered. Playing little towns that don’t often get shows by “touring bands...”

Their first bike tour (they were hoping to cycle from Vancouver to Mexico) was cut short when their bikes wore stolen in San Francisco. On their current tour, they are riding on 4 wheels instead of 2 since they are traveling with a larger group. Joining them on stage were 3 others (who we have yet to find the names of...).

Although Spaceland was PACKED and those nights can be a bit frustrating (especially for Angelic the gnome), the show was great. Blind Pilot sounded awesome and the crowd was diggin' them. A guy at the bar was singing a little too loud, especailly for a relatively low-key show like this. But all in all, it was nice to see people come out in full force for such a great band.

The long line for valet encouraged us to stay for a few more drinks and a game of pool. Israel joined us for a couple games...and kicked total ass. Maybe this is how they funded their cycle tours...

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